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ACR GlobalWatch AIS

ACR GlobalWatch AIS

ACR AIS System Universal Automatic Identification System of ACR Electronics

Class A - SOLAS Transponder

With the GlobalWatch UAIS ACR Electronics Inc has now a Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS) in their product range. By surpassing the functional and technological specifications in ease of operation and logical, user-friendly menu navigation, the ACR GlobalWatch simply invites the seafarer to get acquainted.

The AIS technology has been further and fully explored, its unifying properties and diverse application possibilities have been integrated in the new system. The underlying principle of AIS technology lies in the provision and receipt of data from multiple sources. The Transponder sends, receives and processes own vessel, other vessel, and shore-based navigation data at as well as distributing it to all participants of an AIS network.

The Perfect Companion at Sea

The ACR GlobalWatch is perfectly cut out for bridge integration. It blends in neatly thanks to its compact design – it is the world of AIS, held in one hand! Its task is to be seen, but not heard. The GlobalWatch stays in the background, automatically and continuously transmitting vessel type, course, destination, cargo and more. It is thoroughly unobtrusive, yet remains continuously on the alert - only demanding attention when an alarm or error message require action.

Safety First

Founded upon symbiotic AIS technology, the ACR GlobalWatch Transponder prominently features progress in safety of navigation through the unification of navigational and communicational activities. Seafarers have always wished to be informed about the activities of vessels in their immediate vicinity - with the AIS Transponder, this wish has now become fulfilled.

Being There
The ACR GlobalWatch allows the user to take on the perspective of his neighboring vessels, to see what they see, and to virtually participate in their maneuvering activities. The Transponder can look around corners – a very useful feature for inland waterway navigation, and see through even the thickest fog. It is never interfered with by extreme weather conditions or busy vessel traffic environments. All in all, it is a horizon expanding experience; especially in combination with electronic charts or radar systems.

Spacious, User-Friendly Keyboard

The goal of designing a user-friendly AIS system was coupled with placing especial focus on the messaging capabilities of the Transponder. The GlobalWatch is therefore fitted with an unusually generous keyboard, with each letter key spaciously spread, to ensure that messaging is comfortable and problem free for the user. The emergency SRM Button (Safety Related Messages), and MOB (Person over Board) buttons are prominently placed on the top right hand corner of the Transponder, within easy in case they are ever required.

Precision, Along with Flexibility

Precise traffic data is the sound basis for supporting flexible navigation. The GlobalWatch collects, processes and conveys data from various system sources. At Nauticast, we speak the maritime language and our ACR GlobalWatch formats AIS data in a clear, precise fashion so that it is understood by all.


ACR Electronics Inc of Ft. Lauderdale states:
"At ACR Electronics Inc, we believe, that superior products and innovative ideas demand constant reflection and development. Our AIS products undergo stringent quality testing and have been awarded a great number of international type approvals, With already 1.000 units out in the market, the ACR GlobalWatch is a tried and tested system, which has already gained substantial market experience in this young market."

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