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ACR UAIS technical data

ACR GlobalWatch AIS

ACR AIS System Universal Automatic Identification System of ACR Electronics

Facilitates Communication

The GlobalWatch AIS can be used as a stand-alone unit, or for enhanced navigational and communication operation, in conjunction with an ENC and/or ECDIS for traffic image display. It also interfaces with existing NMEA compatible equipment and sensors thereby ensuring problem free retrofitting and also allows connection to PCs, notebooks, radar systems and voyage data recorders.

The fully alphanumeric keyboard is combined with a simple, easy to operate menu navigation. The self-explanatory menu ensures that the user quickly becomes accustomed to the system.

Safety Functions

The ACR GlobalWatch is fitted with Safety Keys, which allow the user to automatically send urgent messages without the necessity of navigating the transponder menus.

The SRM Button sends out Broadcast Safety Related Messages to all ships within receiving range. The MOB Button automatically saves the precise position coordinates of where the incident occurred, and automatically generates an alert message, which is sent out to all neighbouring AIS equipped vessels.

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