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>> AIS Systeme  >> AIS Class A für die Berufsschifffahrt 

AIS Class A für die Berufsschifffahrt


ACR GlobalWatch AIS Class A - SOLAS Transponder With the GlobalWatch UAIS ACR Electronics Inc has now a Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Their product range. By surpassing the functional and technol...
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ACR GlobalWatch technical data The GlobalWatch AIS can be used as a stand-alone unit, or for enhanced navigational and communication operation, in conjunction with an ENC and/or ECDIS for traffic image display. It also interface...
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Classes of AIS ITU-R Recommendation M.1371-1 describes the following types of AIS: Class A, Class B, Search & Rescue, Aids to Navigation, Base Station ...
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IMO carriage requirements for AIS Safety of Life at Sea Convention / International Maritime Organization (IMO) The Safety of Life at Sea Convention, as amended by the 73rd (MSC 73) and 76th Session (MSC 76) of the IMO's Maritime S...
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